To live on The Moon – What is the obstacle?

Is it The Scientists?

Is it The Conspiracy Theories?

Is it our own imaginative thoughts?

Is it the people’s disinterest?

Scientists: Scientists are putting their best efforts possible in researches through their scientific perspective.

Conspiracy Theories: To understand the world we live in, we express thoughts in many ways. For instance: “it is possible”,” Not-possible” or mixed information like “could be possible in an alternate way”……

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Moon: Day – Night (sustainable life on Moon)

Living on Moon’s surface with the lively tools we have here on Earth is not possible. The reason for this is, all living beings on our planet Earth has adapted to live around the 24 hour day-night cycle(12 hrs day/12 hrs night). In Moon the conditions are such that 1 day = 655.72 hours(327.86 hrs day / 327.86 hrs night).

Such an extreme day-night cycle creates a hostile surface temperature to live on. In the day its 130° C hot and in the night its -170° C cold…..

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Sustainable Life on Moon (Research)

Information required to create a living conditions for Microbial life forms, Plant lives, Animal life forms and Human Life on our bright neighbor – The Moon. In the due course of creating the living conditions on our Moon, we can gain perspective into the changes that will give way towards life on moon, like

– Moon’s Gravity & its complete Gravitational Field
– Moon’s Magnetic core rotation
– Electromagnetic wave balance or Equilibrium state…

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