Three types of Rotational functions (Functioning systems of the Planets in the Universe)

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1. Planetary Rotational Operation methods
2. Protective field rotational operation methods
3. Universe Rotation operation methods

so is the Planetary rotational nature is happening.

Planetary Rotation Operation Methods:
For the Planetary Rotational Operation the Planetary inner structural methods and the Planetary outer structural methods have formed to be in the nature of functioning in a join operation.

In the Planetary rotational Operation
Planetary Rotation (Planetary Core Axis) + Planetary Gravity (Inner Gravity + Outer Gravity) Protective field Rotation (Inner Structure) + Universe Rotation, and so is the Planetary rotational operation happening in the methods of three type operation’s joint operation.

Three types of Rotational functions (Functioning systems of the Planets in the Universe)

The Planetary Rotational Operation is,

  • The planetary rotational operation is happening with the Planet as a rotational operation continuing to spin within.
  • The Planetary rotational Operation is functioning in the nature of the Gravity.
  • The Planetary Gravity is Functioning as two type nature in, Outer Gravity and Planetary Inner Gravity.
  • Planetary rotational operation is functioning along with the nature of Gravity.
  • Planetary rotational operation is happening through the spin of the Planetary core axis.
  • The Planetary core axis rotation operation is helping for the operation of rotating around itself and for the operation of revolving through the orbital path.
  • The Planetary rotational operation is functioning in the protection of the Protective field.
  • The operation of the Planetary Rotation is being to function along (joint) with the structure of the Universe Rotational Operation. Hence, the Planetary Rotation is being in a continuation of a rotation in a protected method by joining with Protective field operation and Universe Rotation Operation method.

For the three type of Rotational Operations, the Five Grand Fundamental Element’s unified rotational operations becomes the reason.


Protective Field Rotational Operation methods:

For the Planet’s proper operation and safe operation and complete operation, the Protective field becomes the protection.

Three Types of Planetary Rotation Functioning Gravity

Rotational Operation in Gravity:

In the Protective Field Rotational Operation,
Protective field (Inner Structure + Outer Structure) + Planetary Gravity (Planetary outer Gravity + Planetary Inner Gravity) + Planetary Core axis (The method rotating around itself + The method of revolving through the Orbital path) + Universe Gravity
and so is the Protective field rotational nature is being useful in the Planetary rotational nature.

  • The Protective field by itself is existing to be a protective armor for the Planet. That is, it prevents and stops the unnecessary waves that comes from the outer space.
  • It protects by stopping the Asteroids that come from the outer space to not fall on the Planet.
  • It helps the two type Rotational Nature of the Planet in functioning by joining with the Universe Rotational Nature.

Gravity in Rotational Operation:

Universal Planetary Rotation Functioning Gravity

Universe Rotational Operation Method:
In the Universe Rotational Operation, with the help of the Protective Field’s help, ‘every single Planet in a Rotational method’, with the help of Gravity, is functioning.

In Gravity Rotational Function of Planets in the Universe

Universe Rotational Operation Gravity + Protective Field Gravity + Planetary Rotation Gravity

and as such three grand Gravities unified Operation, every single planets in the Universe is continuing to Operate naturally in the method of Gravity in Rotational Operation.

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