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The Universe’s rotational nature is joint with the Universe’s Gravity.

The Universe’s Gravity is joint with the Planetary families.

The Five Grand Fundamental Element that is formed within the Universe’s mixture operation energy’s inner – outer connection’s energy becomes the reason for the Universe family gravity.

The Universe family gravity by itself becomes the source for the Universe’s core axis rotational nature.

The Universe Core axis rotation by itself has formed to be the source for the Universe rotational nature.

This Universe we live in, is completely made of Natural structures. Natural structures has formed to be a separate formation, a connected formation between one another, a formation of unique outcome from mixing one within another. Not only that but the outcome of one is formed to be different in Color, Shape, characteristic nature (active property) through many ways.
The Universe in it’s Rotational nature, Universe in it’s operational nature, Universe in it’s gravity nature has formed to continue it’s way of operation.

Universe – Space, Heat, Air, Water, Soil with 5 such source formations it has formed to be.

In it,

  • Space – Has Heat, Air, Water, Soil within it’s inner self.
  • Heat – Heat exists within the constraints of Space, in the place of it’s existence on one side it gives light, on the opposite side it gives darkness, on all direction it gives heat. Heat joining with Air making water evaporate, the evaporated water falling as rain, snow ice changing to form water, in such ways heat is operating.
  • Heat joining with air, is changing the air to form hot air.
  • Heat joining with water, is changing the air to form cold air.
  • Heat joining with air, is making the soil filled (prevalent) with heat. Adding on to it, it is changing the Soil to form Volcanic lava.
  • Heat joining with air and water is cooling.
  • Heat joining with air and water is making the soil filled with hotness.
  • Heat joining with air, water and soil is making Micro organisms live through out the entire Universe.

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