The Connections in-between Planetary Gravity and Planetary orbital path

In this Universe where we are living, “there are innumerous planets that are whirling around, along with the Universe rotational nature”. The planets that rotate in such a way, are revolving around their own orbital path. Every single planet in the Universe is existing in the natural structure to rotate naturally in connection with the Universe core gravitational field and the planet’s core gravity field as well. Adding onto it: “It is existing to rotate in connection with gravity along the orbital path while joining and rotating in a method along with the 5 Grand elemental structure and with the Universe’s safe protective field gravity connection and as well with the Planetary protective field gravity connection”.

Hence, further the Universe Gravity + Universe core’s gravity + Universe protective field gravity + Universe planetary rotation gravity + 5 Grand element structure gravity + (in out – out in)

and so on,
To operate + function in the connections that exist in between the Planetary gravity & Planetary orbital path. It is existing as all planets’ life’s livelihood formation. We know of this.

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கோள் ஈர்ப்பு விசைக்கும், கோள் சுற்று வட்ட பாதைக்கும் உள்ள தொடர்புகள்

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