The connections in between Planetary rotational nature and planetary orbital path

In this Universe where we are living, “We are living in a natural structure that contains planets within it”. In this Universe operation, “Every planet, Every support planets in a planetary structure and so on, in the same way, every single structure in it are whirling around as a rotational nature in the natural structure in a natural way with the support of Space gravity. In connection with Universe rotational nature, it is whirling around in its orbital path in a rotational nature”. Planetary rotational nature is that which whirls within the planetary structure protective field. Planetary structure protective field is that which function in joint with the life’s livelihood structure with the support of Universe’s core and Planet’s core right at the focal point where the 5 Grand elemental unification gravity operation happens in the Universe. For the planetary rotational nature to whirl around the orbital path in safety and for the nature operation connections in the 5 Grand elemental structure, “to be given as help inside the planet in required amount”. So is its existence along with the protective field.

All of this is existing within the Universe protective field and within the Universe gravity that is within it and within the innumerous planet’s gravity structure that is within it and within the entire heat – cold gravity in the Universe, which is within it and within it: “among the light-dark, the air, water, soil, heat, gaps(space)…….. ” and every such element to whirl in the expansive space under the rotational operation gravitational field. So is its existence as a connection in-between the planetary rotational nature and planetary orbital path. Hence the outcome of the 5 Grand elemental gravities joining together and functioning and being operated gravities becomes the source activity for all operations in the Universe. “If this is learnt then it will become simplified in getting to know the Universe’s operations”.

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