Scientists (Human Beings)

Greetings Everyone,

In the Universe functioning structure we live in, only if we know the happenings around us it will become possible for us to know the fundamental need of ours and the right methods of fulfilling it.

The Early Human Being’s livelihood and each of their needs where learnt from living beings and nature, this is required to be known.

The Needs of Human beings happened to be,

  • Water for thirst – The method of drinking water,
  • Food for Hunger – The method of consuming Food,
  • Sitting, Walking, Running – Their functions and Needs,
  • Place for Sleep – Sleeping methods,
  • Vision in the Night – The way light was searched,
  • Medicine for Woulds and Disease – the ways it was searched and used,
  • Falling in Love/Lust – the effort made to give birth to children,
  • Rain/snow/getting wet – safe place being searched,
  • Animal’s Fight and finding peace – Enjoying it, Fearing it, Growing courage and then trying to live through battling it.
  • In Humans – Battling with Humans – victory/defeat/knowing to make peace,
  • Laughing and Crying – Getting to know the Emotions, feelings,
  • Talking and Writing – Getting to know the connections, continuing it,
  • The Sun raising and setting in the day – Getting to know the methods of protection against Increased/Decreased Heat.
  • The Moon, Stars, Darkness in the Night – Fear – Courage, making the effort to search for light,
  • Nature and Artificial – Living – Learning the Living Methods, and Teaching it,
  • Arts, Technologies – Through Natural Knowledge (Science) expanding Life,
  • Devotion, Wisdom – Getting to know Self, Universe and The Creator of The Universe, trying to live with Love and Peace,
  • Inactive stage, active stage, dead stage – Knowing Beginning (Birth), Life (Growth), End (Death) ……………

Humans that learned to Live from Living beings, them living with the help of their intellect, showing the way to Live and so practiced to live on Earth is now for the first time taking efforts to live on the Moon, come lets continue knowing it.

“With the Learnings of The Needs, connecting in every directions becomes Science”.

Thank you.

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