5 Grand Element’s Livelihood

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The Five Grand Elements, this Universe we live in are made of Five Grand Elements.

Grand Elements are Five,

  1. Space
  2. Heat
  3. Air
  4. Soil
  5. Water

Five of the Grand Elements are prevailing to be the fundamental source formation for the activities of the Five joining together to function, operate.

For the functioning of the Universe Life Nature formation methods that are made of Five Grand Elements, the “Life” prevails to be the fundamental source formation. Life in the Life methods of Five Grand Element’s Functions

  • That which functions within the constraints of Evolutionary Growth Nature
  • That which exists to be in support (Source Formation) of the Evolutionary Growth Nature

in such two types, has the Life (Life’s source blocks) formed to be. The formation methods that which functions (To Function, To Operate) in joint with the “Life” that exist to be a support, a pillar to such Evolutionary Growth Nature (That which is in in-constraint, That which does not come in-constraint) is what we call as “Static Life, Non-Static Life”.

The functions of Five Grand Elements:
The Five Grand Element’s functions are of two type.

  1. The function of Five Grand Elements functioning together.
  2. The Function of the Operation in the Five Grand Elements functioning together.

1. The function of Five Grand Elements functioning together: In the formational methods where the functions of the Five Grand Elements functioning together exists, the livelihood (live life’s livelihood) happenings belonging to the Evolutionary growth nature will not happen.

Example: Moon. If we observe keenly onto the Moon (Planet) structure: Water is available but Rain is not. The Water on the Moon is in a state that it cannot be utilized directly (As Drinking water…….).

  • Soil is available, existing to be not acceptable for Plant Life, Living being livelihood.
  • The operation (Core axis) of the Rotational Nature is in a very slow speed.
  • Day – Night is available, the time period measurement’s nature is not acceptable for livelihood.
  • The rotational operation is available. The Planetary Gravity’s nature is in a very low measure.
  • Air is available, existing to be not acceptable for Breathable nature.
  • Heat – Cold is available. It is not acceptable for the living of Plant Life, Living beings.
    …….. On the Moon, the operational functions in the “Static Life (Five Grand Elements) functions in the joining together and functioning” being operational in a very very low measure is existing to be the fundamental reason.

Example: On the Moon there is Water available, It is becoming evaporated. But the Rain did not fall, why…… (Do we know the Reason….. Come, we know of it)

“The fundamental structure of the non-Static functions joining together with static functions and functioning, is not being available”

2. The function of the Operation in the Five Grand Elements joining together and functioning: In the Five Grand Element functions, only when the Functioning Functions join along with Operational Functions, the Nature structure for the Evolutionary Growth, Live-Life livelihood will form is required to be known.


Earth. If Earth (Planet) formation is observed keenly:

  • Water is Available, it is evaporating, Rain is falling. It is being utilized for Drinking Water and Life Nature Growth.
  • Soil is available, it gives function to the Evolutionary rotational nature to the matter that falls on soil. The Planetary gravity is existing in an acceptable state for the functions of Living beings, Plant Life.
  • Day – Night, Heat – Cold, the works of Air, Planetary Rotational function…. such elements are existing acceptable to the Live-Life Livelihood and acceptable to the Static natured evolutionary growth nature.


On Earth the Static Function – Functioning in Operation works are happening naturally in itself. Hence Live-Life Livelihood is existing in fulfilment on Earth.

On the Earth the Static Function – Functioning in Operation works are happening in a very very reduced nature. Hence on the Moon, in the Work of the Static life functioning, the operational work will need to be created by ourselves.

Static Function = Functioning + Operating

Live life livelihood = Static Life function + Non static life function

“As the Operational Nature belonging to the connective strength between Static Nature – Non Static Nature, it has formed to be the ‘Life core formation as the source reason'”

We will get to know more about Five Grand Elements.

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