Universe: Average Human Beings

Greetings Everyone,

From the period since the human world appeared till this date, only through the Average human being’s life many events are continue to be corrected. That is, Average human beings can also be called as natural human beings (Ethartha Manithargal).

We know the growth of Human Livelihood.

“Normal human beings experiential growth makes Average Human beings”

“Average Human beings experiential growth makes scientific human beings”

“This three type human beings experiential growth makes Human beings of Wisdom”

In knowing the Universe we call the Average human beings as natural human beings. The reason for it being them ‘knowing what Is, in its true state’. That is, the things they see, hear, know, say, learn, feel….. may it be anything, it happens to have one ore more meaning available in it.

The informations that natural human beings get to know can be learnt through an example.

That is,
When seeing the scene of cloud moving through the space:
– In one person’s view, he will say Cloud is moving.
– In one person’s view, he will say through the exposure of Cloud there is a formation of cooling situation.
– In one person’s view, he will say Cloud is of many colors (blue, dark blue, black, white…..)
– In ore person’s view, he will say Cloud is an expression of Sun’s duty
– In one person’s view, he will say it is the evolutionary cycle of water.
– In one person’s view, he will say Cloud is the act of heat spreading on the surface of the land.

Similarly for a single act many reasonings will be expressed.

In the places of Average human being’s gathering, the thoughts unification of human society’s growth will naturally form. Only in the outcomes of the unifications of the thoughs of Average human beings, the core of science is being born. That is when the thought’s unificative acts brushes/impacts again and again with nature is when it becomes the fundamental reason for the formation of scientific functions.

Science’s core is the change that happens when many thoughts of one act’s unification is joined with the core of life available in the natural structure. (static life, non static life)

If the Average human being’s thoughts unification did not unify then scientific formation will not take shape in nature, is to be learnt.

Let’s continue to learn what is required.

Thank you.

Source Article Written in Tamil Language, by Head Universe Researcher, Sri Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan: சராசரி மனிதர்கள்

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