World’s Nature conservation day & Liver Allergy Day (28th July)

Though there are many billion planets in this Universe we are living in (For the existence of life’s livelihood. That is, for humans to live: the existence of Natural wealth in goodness is necessary), only the Earth in it is existing in favor of humans living on it. Human in the starting times, to live life’s livelihood along with the Natural structure in a natural way there were many and in many – challenges that were met and the individual human being livelihood to be created as public livelihood along with the evolutionary growth nature and by joining with 5 Grand elemental structure to live in goodness, wealth and natural way in the Natural wealth, “the natural wealth and as a protection for the human being’s healthy living, the utilization of it and showing the way forward and joining along with the Natural structure as well becomes necessary”.

As the human society exists in the state of living in joint with Nature and as there is the necessity to exist along with Life education. The act of reminding many informations becomes necessary. Hence livelihood’s most important happenings, the fundamental source formations that exist for the Human society in the World livelihood’s emergency periods, “to be reminded to the entirety of the World” and as there is the necessary need of correcting the Natural structure, “considering the World livelihood’s greatness, expressing it to all World people with humanity and World life humanity is being necessity”. Every single people seeing such World’s fundamental source structure news, “If they felt more happiness in living their own life as livelihood compared to seeing complimentary news, then the Natural structure that is joint with the Earth will attain happiness is known through reason. The happiness throughout the Universe will happen naturally and as well in a natural way”.

If the Natural structure becomes natural in its way of existence then, not only on the human body but as well on every living beings on earth and the livelihood structures on the natural structure as well, “there won’t be a happening called allergy and there will be a blissful life that which will get created throughout the Universe and be enjoyed”, this can be known.

Let us not stop with sharing the happiness but let us create a happy livelihood and live happily in it.

Thank you,


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