World Thinking Day 22/2/22

In this Universe we live in, if the Human species are to live (a complete life – a fulfilled life – a happy life – living rights given as form of life to the people of the future, through natural and blissful living), then it is required to know about the living method (the rightful method). That too, the knowing should be about the Life natured Living known from the Life natured structure. That as well should be the methodic & proper knowing of the “Experiential life”. First of all, for it, knowing what is the potential that the human being possesses for the human species to live a grand life and knowing this potential’s way of existence and then it’s place of existence, should be know with utmost clarity, only then it will become a possibility to live in this Universe. Knowing this is a “necessity of necessities”. Indeed that which is required to be known!!. That exists to be the thought process called “Rational Thinking”.

While every living beings on the Earth are living by their intellect, only if it happens to be the human being as well, could live a similar life of completeness by their intellect (Rational Thinking), “will it then become a possibility of living in completeness in this Universe”. In the current scenario, if human beings fail to live in completeness, fulfillment and clarity, then it will become impossible to live on Earth for a very long period of time. In such a period of time, we will attempt to live through ‘the search of a place to live on the 🌙 Moon’ which exists to be the planet close to Earth. At the same moment, “We who have not lived a fulfilled life on Earth cannot live on the Moon through any mode of efforts”. The reason for it is that, “though there is every natural structure and protection required for life natured livelihood on Earth, we who have not lived a proper life here, then living on the Moon filled with conflicts in the natural structure will never become a possibility”. Reason being, “Only the Natural structure methods which are natural natured, that becomes created or is made to be created in the Life that is being lived on Earth will indeed exist to become the fundamental reason for the Moon’s rotational operation and the natural structure coming into creation in the nature through a natural natured format on the Moon”, is required to be expressed in our thinking process at it’s best. If we put it into thought that, “every single human beings are in the current state of having the necessity to place the above scenario into our thought process”. Will our living method exist to be safe in the future. Come! Let’s reconcile this and try living a Good and Organized life. Every human beings of this World we live in, “To live a good and wealthy life, everyone of us world people should think in coherence with the proverb (Old saying of wisdom) that – In Unity there is life”. In all of the international day methods that are created in the elevated intentions of living a Good Life, “Being a very very noble day, in thinking through and reconciling through towards a Good and organized Grand Living which as well exists to be a day of exemplary living, is indeed the World Thinking day”. In this day, let us all world people together live a noble life and show a exemplary life of Grand living forward in guidance to every living member of this world. Come!

Thank you.


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