Karl Marx memorial day (14-03-2022)

Memorial day, best wishes.

For the human livelihood: similar to how Rational thinking exists to be a fundamental, “Economy as well exists to be a fundamental”. In our livelihood, for the products that are in need, economy exists to become the fundamental. This which is the Economy, is having Education, Labor* (hard-work), Need & ‘Love towards life’ as it’s core, “every one of us should know this in depth, completeness and clarity”, this is a necessity. In such a way, the Economy’s past period of time, current period of time and the future, as to be the Human being’s life in completeness being created as livelihood by Karl Marx is the “Capital” that which continues to become the Economic Doctrine can be known. Adding onto it, Labor* (hard work) is existing to be the source of a Product is something which we know very well. If we put in hard-work* (Labor) in the realization of Labor’s genuine greatness and as well live through the means of hard work (Labor), then every member of Labor can live the complete life of Human life.

* Labor (or) Hard Work = Any effort taken towards a completion of a task that contributes to the work at hand. This done with the aspect of humanity.

For every human society to live blissfully and to live as a livelihood guide through out our lifetime: To everyone who will be living in the future.

Come!, Let’s live such an exemplary life.

“To live with hard work, To live an elevated life, let us celebrate this day in happiness as a day of World’s elevation through hard work”.

Thought is the only thing that needs to come into thinking. Thought is the only thing that needs to come into the act of pondering (to think through). Thought is the only thing, that is necessary to life and growth. Thought by itself becomes fundamental source. For Human growth: the knowledge growth and the Economic growth as well to have happened with humanity and Love towards the Life’s nature, the statements of the “Das Capital” by Karl Marx is necessary. It is also necessary to know the necessity of knowing it’s necessity.

To attain Wealth, To attain Goodness, Come! let us live by knowing that which is becoming the fundamental source to livelihood, Come! let us live an exemplary life of guidance to every living human being. Thank you. Greetings.

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