Let’s grow & Protect ‘Flourishing Gravity’. In the expression of the hostility by the Nature. Come! Let’s Live a natural & wealthy life.

The Flourishing gravity is being a Fundamental source formation for the Universe and for it to function naturally as well: The 5 Grand elements are being in a structural state of joining in the rotational gravity. Hence the 5 Grand elements that are being joint with the Fundamental source formation are being joint with the Universe Gravity, Universe Rotational Nature’s Gravity, Universe Natural Nature Structure and the Universe Orbital path’s operational nature formation as well. At the same time, along with Orbital rotational operation of the Universe the 5 Grand elements are moving through in rotation (whirling). With the support of the Flourishing gravity, it is possible to create the life nature’s livelihood on every single planet. To create Flourishing gravity in this Universe we live in, it is required to Unify the operations of every single one of the 5 Grand elements. Adding on, among every Planets in this Universe we live in, only on the planetary structure called the Earth, there is flourishing gravity. Only since there is Flourishing gravity on the Earth, we also have Life nature’s livelihood in it. If the Life nature’s livelihood on the Earth, is to exist in a stable state of continuity then it is require organize the happenings of the Flourishing gravity. If not, through the conflicts of the 5 Grand elements the human society could face the doors of extinction. If this state is to form, the human society and other life society will have to live their livelihoods only on another planet. That as well needs to happen with the support of human beings.

Only because of this, for the human beings that live on the Earth, the scientific intellect of learning the scientific secret ‘in the way of learning the Life nature’s livelihood structure and the planetary structures of other planets surrounding the Earth’ and acting based on it and the science that happens in connection with it, is existing in Nature in a natural manner is required to be observed keenly.

The ultimatum of this is what are the planetary researches and the methods of communicating directly between planets which have come into existence. If this is observed keenly, these truths will come into complete understanding. Hence, through the ‘connective strength’ of Water and Heat, we need to attain a stable state of existence for the Flourishing gravity on the Earth’s planetary structure as well to protect and maintain the Life nature’s source structures on Earth. Hence the Flourishing Gravity’s secrets, action-plans should be made as a practical execution plan on all of the Human worlds. The human livelihood’s life secrets, indirect complex expressions should be experience by human beings in their living period itself. Adding onto it, for the living and for the generation that is to live, it should be lived in a format of a scientific way as an exemplary life, forward. Hence for the Human Society and the Life nature’s livelihood to live in a continuity on the Universe: “Let’s get to know the Flourishing gravity’s greatness in a scientific manner”. For the human society to live a grand life, “come let’s make all the methods/formations that are Scientific, experiential to be a livelihood existence and live it!”.

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