World Hemophilia Day (In-equalized Heat-Cold distribution in Blood)

In the Human life-body function, the activity called the Blood clotting ‘to exist in a stabilized fashion’, ‘to live in a healthy way with it’, ‘to join with the Nature’, ‘to live with Nature’: there should exist the happening of breathing nature within the human being mixed with an equilibrium of heat. Whenever the ‘breathable nature mixed with the stabilized heat’ travels inward to ‘function & operate’ and does not exit outward, in those scenarios the Blood is being contaminated, and there is stagnation being created. As a result of this, the conflicts that comes into creation in the Blood clotting and the Cells, microbial elements……. in the Blood, ‘having the state of not being able to live’, ‘having deficiency in digestive strength’, ‘the situations of not being able to live healthy’, ‘the state of not being able to live in joint with the Nature’, ‘not being able to live for a very long period of time’, are being created. Hence, for the blood clotting to exist in a stabilized way, ‘the exercise methods (Soul-Body operational breathing exercise methods) in which ‘heat-cold’ will become to exist in a stabilized way’, should exist to be as a livelihood.

On this Earth we live in, there is enough oxygen, carbon in a purifyable format, pranan…… Even then the only reason for the deficiency of ‘breathable nature’ is the distribution methods of breathable nature within the human being is existing to be in multiple existential ways. This is required to be known.

That is, in the natural structure this ‘happening’ is existing in a 1:1 (Necessary amount:Stabilized amount) ratio. But the measurement of 1:1 for the soul-body inner operational structure is being in the measure of 13:1 expansive need.

1.) Body for Bodily Efforts (Work related efforts, etc)
2.) Sleep for the happenings of rest
3.) For Work Structures
4.) For Life’s evolutionary growth nature (Eg: Aspects of each age groups, Parenting etc)
5.) For the aspect of Tastes
6.) For the functioning of 5 Senses
7.) For the ‘5 Grand Elements’ connective nature’s exchanges
8.) In the Body’s opertational structure, for the Life-nature’s livelihood
9.) In Life-nature’s connect, productive knowledge evoluting exchages
10.) In Inward-Outward life method, for the Sitham (Time, Nature, Charecter, Ego, Common Sense, Desire)
11.) For Natural, Artificial life methods
12.) Breathable air’s rotational nature method
13.) For Nine holed Natural Nature

so, for every single element, as a separate division for each, are being a multitudinal type operational method to be shared and utilized by the ‘breathable nature’, such is it’s existence. That is: “the methods that which are 1:1 is being subjected to be utilized in a 13:1 ratio. Since this is the scenario, the exercises described in the below section becomes important and necessary”.

As a result of such an existential state, it is not being possible to give equalized (stabilized) Heat-natured-Breathable-air to the entirety of the Life-Body (Soul-Body). To conduct the ‘breathing exercise methods’ for the Life-Body operation, the Yagam breathing exercise methods, the exercise methods that operates completely through a simple method, devotional worshipping methods, the life methods of living through knowing the ‘cultural methods of living a revering life’ in each and every one. This becomes a necessity. Hence, let us live the ‘ways of living’ with the help of the grand strength called the ‘Rational Intellect’ which shows the way forward to human life. Come!, let us live a wealthy, good, ‘a life that is connected to nature in a natural way’ and a blissful life.

Similar to this Universe’s expanse: “within our Life-Body operational formation, the ‘equalized heat breathable nature’ is required to operate through going inward & outward in directions in an expansive existence”. Hence, the rightful exercise methods for this is required to be practiced in a proper, complete, blissful way and refresh our life within ourselves every single day. Similar to how the human world is living with the acceptance of Science and ‘True Wisdom’, should we accept the methodic ways belonging to the ‘Blood not clotting’ and live. Come!, let us live through acceptance and show the way of living forward.

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