World Consumer Rights Day

This World we live in, is being existent and is made to be existent for consumers, is a life secret that each one of us should learn. If the Life secret is to be understood in a simplified manner, “then only by ‘understanding the how’ in the functioning way of the 5 Grand Elements together is happening on Earth and through it how the Life natured Life is flourishing”, can every single human being on Earth understand the greatness of Consumption and conduct their living. On top of all this, “The outcome in the Consumption nature being given in the method of Breathing nature became the reason in itself for the eventuality of understanding the way of ‘air in function’ and the way of ‘air’s whirling’ (rotation) on Earth“. Adding on from here, the method of breathing air naturally, the method of artificial air and the method of breathing artificial air had been an ultimate growth of science in due course.

This method in itself is being the source of possibility for ‘travelling beyond the atmosphere and conducting researches even on planetary structures where the air’s rotational function is absent’, this possibility can as well be known further. That is, every single one of the human beings, living beings, plant lives and the ‘5 Grand elements’ to be in contact with one another and for one to gravitate the other towards it and for one to utilize the other, it is being existent (Consumption). Not only stopping with that, but in this Universe we live in, “Only if we learn with clarity that every single planetary structure’s rotational operations are being for consumption alone”, not only that but the rotational operations and the gravitational strengths are existent for the same purpose. “Can we then have the possibility to learn that it (consumption) exists as the formula for learning the ‘Life natured livelihood’ secrets”.

If there isn’t an aspect of consumption or utilization then, “not only on Earth but in this Universe we live in, there wouldn’t be even a rotation or operation“, this will become an evident clarity. The learning of this in proper structure and completeness is called Science. The meaning for this can be understood completely. Consumer is not the ‘one’ that stops with buying a product, selling it, creating it or utilizing it, but we as consumer ‘function’ in unification with the Universe Operation’s function or support the Operation of it. Adding onto it, we are being a support structure to it, “If we get to know this, we will understand the inner meaning of Consumer or Consumption”.

Adding on, the Humanitarian livelihood, the Life natured livelihood and so such elements along with Body, Mind, the Life within and The World, “are being functional in an Operational state with each other”, in other words, “they are living on in such a state”. It is indeed possible to know it and learn it as well. This can be known with clarity, we can lead a life by knowing it, we can show the way forward to everyone through living it. Come!

Adding on, “Every single Consumer on this Earth, when they get to know the methods in which the nature of Consumption in the Life-Body operational formation blanketed by the Skin prevails to exist, will we then know the importance of Consumer day”. If that which is being known is known, a knowing in clarity as well, with understanding: “Life will become Good and Wealthy”. Come! Let us live it as a way of living!

If Human livelihood is to be created on the Moon, then we should compare the Scientific knowledge of the feelings & consumption performed by us on the Natural connection within the Earth to the Moon’s Research. The Consumption (intake/inhalation) on the Human life-body structure is not about knowing the odor alone and it is not only the act of breathing for the huge life-body structure to function as well. It is important for the healthy living of the life-body. Knowing this is required.

Hence, Every single human being living on this Earth, to be having to live as consumers, “Only if they did learn with clarity that, it’s existence is beyond the Consumer’s duty, economy”, it’s existence being a livelihood that which is joint with the Nature. If this is learnt with clarity and understood, then elements such as Consumer’s duty, Consumer’s life is important for every single human being and for their wealthy growth. This is dependent on ‘the way of utilizing the consumption‘ is as well required to be known.

The greatness of Consumption, The importance of Breathing Nature & Flourishing gravity, The necessity of utilizing water, betterment of health in ‘Life-natured livelihood’ …. ….. many such important happenings, is being taught and is being existent as a guide on the Consumer day for humans to live happily. This can be learnt. If that which is required to be learnt is learnt, then it becomes a possibility to live blissfully.

Thank you. Greeting.

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