International Happiness Day (20-03-2022)

In this Universe we live in, there are innumerable type of Planets, Stars, Natural structure being in existence as Light-Sound, Darkness, Heat-Cold through 5 Grand elements with the help of Gravitational Field, “it is then continuing to function through the happening called Rotational Nature”. Not only that, but the existence of innumerable living beings, in it innumerable types of evolutionary growth nature methods, then with the help of 5 Grand elements, Growth nature and Closure nature being: “to exist as a nature’s nature that exists in joint with natural way of existence and being joint with the artificial as well”. To be a two sided life, then becoming a one sided life through the rotation in the core axis called “The Life within“. In it the life nature methods that comes around in the rotation such as: Pleasure – Pain, Win – Loss, Success – Failure, Disease – Health, Happiness – Sadness, Sleep – Awareness, which are called the Livelihood happenings, “to be having the possibility to live in happiness on the Natural structure with humanitarian basis”, the livelihood for it, is made to be existent naturally in Nature. The ‘Life nature livelihood’ that exists in such Natural structures, being lived by human beings with the help of ‘Rational intellect. It’s methods, “for all international people to live a grand life”, the method that which was formed is nothing but the ‘World Day’ or ‘International Day’.

The important happenings of that day to be reviewed in detail over and over again, by human beings either within themselves or through the efforts of themselves sharing with their, friends, people of their native, relatives, Welfare bodies, Industry, Charitable Organizations, Politics, Science, Friendly Nations, International bodies. Will need to make the methods of elevating the Human livelihood and ‘the good, wealthy Nature livelihood’, “a Noble existence”. Happiness is, body, senses, intellect, mind, life within, love, state of awareness, education, experience, art, culture…… since every such thing is being existent as a livelihood, joint along with Humanity, “Come! Let us live the International Happiness Day in happiness and be a guide & help to every living being”.

If human beings practice to live in happiness, then for the effort that is taken in trying to live on any planet in this Universe we live in, “For that effort, The Nature by itself will then exist to be a guide”, this can be known.

Getting to know further in that which is being known, becoming clearer while being in the process of becoming clear. If such is the living, then life will becomes good and happy. This can be known.

Thank you everyone.


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