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The Universe we live in the livelihood structures in nature are functioning in two major classifications static and non-static. In the structure of static comprising the 5 Grand Fundamental Elements of Nature’s Natural structures, In the structure of non-static it is the Plants, Animals, Human Beings living connected along with Nature, in such natural formations it has been brought together. To live connected with nature, the continuous joint structure within us is called Intellect(knowledge).

Reasoning Sense (6th Sense or Common Sense):
For us(Human Beings) to live on this magnificent Universe the ‘Reasoning Sense’ of greatness has been given.

Human Being’s knowledge growth is growing towards greatness in 4 sections.
1. Normal Human Knowledge stage.
2. Common Human Knowledge Stage.
3. Scientific Human Knowledge Stage.
4. Wisdom Human Knowledge Stage
hence, in 4 stages Life Learnings and experiences are growing in greatness.

1. Normal Human Knowledge Stage:
The Knowledge that connects through habits.

2. Common Human Knowledge Stage:
The Knowledge that corrects the Knowledge of connecting through Habits with self.

3. Scientific Human Knowledge Stage:
The Knowledge that was corrected through Self, the knowledge of functioning – executing it with the connection of Nature Structure.

4. Wisdom Human Knowledge Stage:
The Knowledge of functioning – execution with the Natural structure. The knowledge of connecting it with Nature structure creator.

Such Learnings, experiences expresses itself in 4 stages.

Knowledge Beginning Stage and Growth:
In our beginning period (since the start of the period of early humans ……) from the ways of animals getting their needs fulfilled human beings practiced their needs and started to change and become their habit. Hence such habits that continue to happen gets stored in their connective intellect (knowledge). The continuous knowledge that exists in such a connective manner we call it as normal human knowledge or the beginning stage of knowledge.

The corrections in Knowledge’s Growth:
In our Life the habits that continue continuously the needful changes for life, the rightful corrections in the happenings like growth, through the collective rightful corrections, it becomes helpful in life becoming wealthier. Through this Agriculture, Food shelter, comforts in place of stay, medical safety, road facility, traveling facility,……in many such happenings growth can be seen. Through this, Humanity, Nature safety…… and hence forth seeing the human life growth its being a huge help. The connective knowledge of this happening is what we call as Common human knowledge or the mid stage of knowledge.

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