To live on the Earth, there is Full Moon and New Moon, but to live on the Moon ______ ______?

In this Earth we live in, there is the happening of Full Moon, New Moon by the Moon. There is also the happening of complete Full Moon and Complete New Moon. The event of Full Moon existed to be the only fundamental source for the creation of livelihood in Human beings of the Starting times.

That is: if we describe Light, sound, pathway in the Night and if we ask about Life’s livelihood on the Earth, it happened only because of the Moon. If not for the Moon, there isn’t an ultimate growth of Science that came to be, which is currently being experienced, is the only explanation we can give. That is:

-> Day – Night, Mid Night time period and

-> As well as being the Day, Early Morning, Afternoon, Evening

-> Starting from Natural Light through to
The Heat – Cold becoming stabilized from the Artificial Light

-> Starting from Summer Season through to Rainy Season,

-> Starting from Winter season through to Spring Season,

-> Starting from living being’s ability of eyesight through to
the Plant lives growth period

-> Starting from Daytime – Evening from the Sun’s appearance through to
the Evening – Morning from the Moon’s appearance.

In the human livelihood, in every speck of themselves, there isn’t a state without the connective attribute presence of the Moon in it. In such an existence, in every Natural & Artificial structure along with the Humans, Living beings, Plant lives: There is the existence as a natural event in itself held within the Universe where the Moon’s livelihood is available in all of it.

Adding onto it: Protecting the Life Society from every Comfortable connection and Unspeakable (Pollution on the Earth Soil, Pollution in the Air, Pollution in the Heat, Pollution in Water) miseries that are created on the Earth. So that, they can live a grand life naturally in joint with the Natural structure. For this, let us learn the Moon natural structure’s functions that are providing this.

Let us create human livelihood on the Moon. The reason for it is that the Moon is being a brand new Planetary structure that has not been utilized for anything. Adding onto this: There isn’t Light, Sound, guidance for the path in the Night on the Moon similar to that of the Earth. There isn’t New Moon, there isn’t a Full Moon. The Moon that is in such a state is where we are going to create a brand new world having Natural Natured Structures such as Living beings, Plant lives, and Human beings with the help of the magnificent intellect of the Human beings.

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