Moon Research Motivation – An exploration

Every researches on this Earth we live in are all fundamentally researches about the Moon in itself. Reason behind the question how?, is that: Human beings of the starting time period did not even know what was even a day – night. In such a time, human beings in the night time undergoing the harrowing experience of not knowing what is happening around them, cannot be even imagined in today’s time period. The sorrow in this sorrow is that “who can understand this sorrow?”. If this is to be explained directly in words, it is not possible for anyone.

At the same time, when night finished and the first view of the brightness seen at dawn by the human being. The mind set then! Just think about the sense’s state!

In the happening of seeing the brightness from the dark: where did the brightness go?! where did the darkness go?! In the pulsating experience of the wanting to know what are these two happenings: While seeing for the first time, the Moon’s light on the space above. at the same time seeing the Lightning as another happening. How would have been the state of Human being?

Similarly, How it would have been while happening see the light created from the Forests catching fire and burning in different occasions? What would have been the mind state of human being’s? Would it be possible to think of it, right now?!. In the state of the continued experience of such pulsating feeling of excruciation every night: The moment of seeing the Moon’s light. How would have been the Human state? will it be possible for us to understand this?!

Human beings who were continuing to live in such happening. A night completely not seeing light in the space above (New Moon Night). This happening on that day entirely will have been the same old excruciating feeling of pulsation. If we are to ask, Can this be understood?: The answer to it will be in the question of How human would have thought about the Moon in that good scenario?: “Human life existence in between Day – Night, The needs that were between the happiness & the struggle that were in the life nature in-between the Sun and the Moon and as well the Experiential situation’s nature, all together forming as a fundamental in itself: Became the Research and Research nature method”.

That which existed to be the resulting creation of this is the Heat Nature, Light Nature, Operation in Mechanical nature. That is, if we are to explain in short: “The existence of the Sun light giving heat in the day and the Moon light giving coolness in the night becoming the fundamental source to the comfort giving life that exists naturally in nature”. But, that which exists to be the one which cannot be known until now and that which exists to be an intricate one in getting know is the: “The methods of equalizing the heat that is created by the Sun’s light in the day by the Moon’s cooling light (equalizing the heat-temperate state) in the night is not being discovered until now and through it a comfort giving life is not becoming a possibility to be created”. This is the one.

Similar to the research natures that are conducted by creating the equalized state on the “Heat – Temperate” existence on the Earth, there isn’t a way to conduct a Research nature on the Moon. We are not knowing the way for it as well. Hence, “Similar to the existence of the Natural structure in a stabilized state on the Earth, Let us correct the Natural structure on the Moon, as it’s not stabilized similar to the Earth’s Natural structure.”

“In an equalized stabilization, let us create a comfortable livelihood and live on it. Come! Let us create a way towards a grand living”

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