To conduct researches on Venus: Researches on the Moon…..

If it is required to conduct researches on Venus then it is required to expedite the researches on the Moon first. In the planets of the Universe we live in: “If planetary researches are to be conducted”, then “only if the joint way of functioning in the Planetary structure methods along with the Natural structure method is completely known and Researches are conducted”. Only then, “It will be possible to conduct researches in a simplified way”.

If it is required to conduct researches on Venus then it is required to expedite the researches on the Moon:

In this Universe we live in, “Through the growth of Science, the Human being’s livelihood in it, is being elevated in an expedited nature”. Through the livelihood complexities of living on the Earth we are conducting researches on other planets: “The existence of this happening is continuously continuing on all Planets inside the solar system”. On top of all this, the rightful situations and opportunities for conducting researches on the Sun as well is continuing on: “In such researches, when the researches on the Lunar surface is continuing directly. As a blocker to the researches that are continuing towards the Venus, there is the existence of heat gravity on Venus similar to that of the Moon”. Instead of the planet Venus, if researches on the Moon is first expedited since the heat gravity is lesser: “Moving on to learning the solution for the heat, heat gravity, water source, breathable air nature, meteors falling, cold nature, light and such happenings on the Moon, if the heat gravity’s affliction is then reduced. The researches on the Moon will exist to happen in a simplified way“. Hence the livelihood method will also be created on the Moon. With this methodology, it will also be possible to conduct the research works and create corrective measures on Venus. In such a way, getting to know the planetary structures & getting to know the 5 Grand elemental connection then adhering such genuine intellectual elevations: “Let us continue further and further in our researches and reach our Goal, then let us fulfill all needs of the Human Society and create a livelihood of Goodness and wealth”.

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