If Science and True Wisdom unifies then the Life’s livelihood can be created anywhere in the Universe

Greetings Everyone,

Come let us all world scientists and True wisdom (In Tamil: meigyanigal) people unite. In this Earth we live in, the present time blockers and upcoming period’s needs. For it to be corrected, Come, let us all unite together and consult, May it be due to the livelihood stresses, having to live on the Moon beyond the Earth or even having to live on the Sun or even having to on any other planet in this Universe: Let us save Mankind through the stresses on Earth and make them live. Hence, all world Scientists & True Wisdom people: “Come, Let’s all unite”. Let us show the way towards living. Please express your greatness filled thoughts containing Science & True wisdom.

To perfect every fundamental needs in the Human world: “All world Scientists and True Wisdom people. Come let us unite”.

It fulfills all fundamental needs in the Human world.

True Wisdom:
Everyone’s elevated livelihood need on the Human world: “For it to be unified together in living. It is being of help”. At the same time, elements such as fundamental rights, humanitarian respects: “In it, for the humans to express their scientific and soulful connections through 5 senses connection in it. In a open minded talk makes the Livelihood and life needs along with humanity become a livelihood”.  Hence, “Science and True wisdom are being like two eyes of Human being in a unified state to be of help in showing a single picture in a complete state”. So if the Scientists and True wisdom people together consult the entirety of Human intellect in a goodness filled and resourceful way. Then the glorious thoughts and strengths will be expressed for the Human livelihood to be created through out the Universe. Through this, the elevated ways for Human society to live in grandness with health and bliss, will all come into creation in a practical shape. “This can be learnt with happiness”.

The happening of Science and True Wisdom functioning together in the astronomical researches, that exists to be an unreachable element or that which is aspired to be touched will all happen in a simplified practical way.

Thank you,


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