The Stress of Needs is today’s complicated Life

At the moment when the connections of fundamentally needful elements required for human livelihoods, such as: Education, Job, Culture, Economy, Wisdom, Science; that are becoming to be in favor of the 5 Sense’s functions, and while this is attaining its peak around the world: Humans in their aim of attaining ultimate stage in their life, they are attaining needs beyond the necessity of the need in their life with competition and envy. Then the stress, that is created by the “state”, which is bought to existence by the stressful state of experiencing the excess needs. This exists to be the fundamental reason for all the miseries of today. It is required to be understood clearly by every single human being.

For Human life to be released from the miseries and to experience comfortable and free life in bliss: They will need to release themselves from the state of stress that is experienced from the unnecessary needs. So, It is the best life method of living by attaining the livelihood awareness (wakefulness) of their needful needs.

The heat wastes that are created in the Body, Mind, 5 Sense functions and Live body connections through the unnecessary need’s stressful state will deform the human livelihood’s fundamental structure in itself. Hence, let us think in complete detail and try living a complete life.

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