Population Increment: Growth or Fall?!

If we are to question, for a country’s growth and safety, will population increment will turn out to be growth or a fall?: It happens to be based only on that country’s government structure. That is, it will be a matter concerning their country people’s interest or concerning the matter of leading their people.
How being?
Country’s Safety
Culture, Education, Job, Wisdom, Science, Medicine, Equality, Economy,…..
Then the Natural Wealth and Ecological Safety, In such matters, to lead their people in productive ways in every situations that are highly potential in creating their people with having humanity and greatness in such role-model and complete growth structures (above mentioned). In such a potential method, if a country is going to attempt at increasing it’s population along with the people’s grand support then that method will be the best method. This can be known.

The People’s growth path that functions in a joint natured and natural way with the Conscience, executional shape and the humanity that exists along with rational intellect. It will be a huge decision that is taken in knowing this.

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