Humanity in itself is a Solution of Greatness

For any problems that raise in this world we live in: To correct it, Humanity in itself will happen to become a solution. Do we know of this!

It should be more than many thousand years since Human society came into existence on this Earth. Starting from Early human beings to every growth we see today: That which exists to be the primary reason for it is, human being’s special intellect called the Rational intellect (6th Sense – In the Tamil Language, it is called Pagutharivu).

Only with the help of Rational intellect was the Education, Job, Culture, Economy… every such element that is the source & fundamental to the Human livelihood were created & came into existence. This is required to be learned well by us.

If Rational intellect is the reason for all growth from the starting time of the past till today’s ultimate growth, then for the Rational intellect to be grown the very first complete reason for it is Humanity.

Humanity is the natural and natured interaction by keeping Live life’s livelihood as fundamental and discussing freely: everything about themselves in an open-minded state to show the way forward by living and also living life in life’s way.

In any one type of effort taken with keeping Humanity as it’s fundamental in a unanimous mindset: Any factor in it can be met with a solution will come to be known with certainty. That is, it can either be for the World’s proactive growth (or) for any happening that is pertaining to the upcoming existence of a Disaster in the World, can be met with a corrective solution.

If every single Human being, every single State, every single Country, every single day is going to try living with Humanity, then it is possible to live happily in this World or any other World for that matter.

Let us live with Humanity, Let us live with happiness, Let us show the way forward to everyone living.

“Let us all World people think about the fact that Humanity in itself will give more and more Blissful happiness to the connected life, inner life and outer life. Let us think through this with Humanity and then let us all act upon it”

“Long Live the Human Society, Grow further the Human Society”

Greetings & Thank you everyone.

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