The Merits of 5 Grand Fundamental Elements of Nature

Greetings Everyone,

Merits of 5 Grand Elements of Nature:

  • Space is great in giving in-between gaps.
  • Air is great in it’s rotating (cyclic) nature.
  • Heat Light – being joined with darkness is greatness.
  • Water is great in it’s three evolutionary happening’s nature.
  • Soil is great in it’s gravitational nature.
    We call the entire Universe we live in as World.

The 5 Grand Fundamental Elements of Nature, is Space, Air, Heat, Water, Soil, such 5 are Static stage and Plant Lives, Animal Lives, Human Lives, such are non-static stage, is what we are describing. The Universe structural making is in majority stages being called the planet, Earth. Including Earth every planets here, satellite planets, stars including every such things we call it as Universe. The reason for us calling Earth as World is that we (Planet lives, Animal Lives, Human Lives) have everything needed for living existing here (Earth). Hence we where calling it such a way. We continue to call it such.

But why now alone there is a need for changing the way it exists. That is, not calling Earth alone as World and if we are calling everything as Universe or World, there is a reason belonging to to it. How being, Moon’s Light is mandatorily needed for Earth’s Livelihood, is required to be understood.

Come Let’s learn more.

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