Air Rotational Nature

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Rotational Nature:
In this Universe in which we live in, If in a circle 5 items are required to function as separate and joint in nature, through rotational method and Gravity functioning method, if such is the case, how will the result be? Only in such a way, it is ( or it exists). These 5 items is what we call as 5 Grand fundamental elements of Nature. 5 Grand Fundamental element are being described as Space, Air, Heat, Water, Soil. Those 5 type functions are described to have 5 type operations, those 5 operation are being required to function in their designated pathway methods within the circle and – each one being required to join with other 4 element’s operational executions. These 5 type operations are of two types based out of a core execution purpose.

  1. Static – Nature of Life Operation.
  2. Non Static – Nature of Life Operation, such is it’s requirement to function along with the above mentioned five.

Air’s rotational Nature:
Being one of the operational source of the Universe and for the Universe rotational operation and Gravity’s operation, air exists to be one of the reason, tasks, instruments. Air by itself and, from small items (matter) around it to very large items, to be moved (all directions). to be spun (all directions), air does the necessary and magnanimous jobs. If air’s jobs are to be described briefly, “For Static to function it exists as whirling natured Air, For Non Static to function it exists as breathable natured air”

The Universe exists with holding within, very huge gaps. In it, spread about are Soil Formation* joint efforts* in which Soil alongside Air and, in some* gap structural formations heat being high,  in some* water being high, in some* heat air* being high, in some* water air* being high, is the existence having it within.

*Soil Formation = Planets: Planets, Natural Satellites (Supportive Planets), Stars and so everything.
* Joint Efforts = Soil + Air + Heat + Water + Space: Gap
* in Some = Planets
* Heat Air = Air joined with Heat
* Water Air = Air joined with Water (Liquid)

Air’s Responsibility:
Air’s responsibility exists to be a very important and complex subject.

Universe internal structure gap rotational function:
Everywhere within the inner structure of the Universe, air has to spin (rotate/whirl) within the rotational operations. This happening is helping in functioning together with activities that happen in Universe inner structure’s inner gap such as, heat, cold, light, dark ……. That is, it helps the function of Rotational nature that operates on every direction and that which moves on every direction.

Planets Protective Field’s Outer Structure Rotational Operation:
It helps in the rotational operations (Rotating around itself, Revolving around it’s orbital path) of the planets protective field’s outer structure that exists within the Universe’s inner structure. That is, it’s helping the planets rotational nature in which, Heat, Water, Gaps by joining with such three, air it’s rotational responsibilities spinning along with the armor of the protective field rotation happens.

Not only Planets but also for the Meteor’s (Asteroid) operations, Air helps in performing the responsibility of operation of joining along with Heat, Cold, Gaps.

Planets Protective Field’s Inner Structure Rotational Operation:
For the Gap’s function in between the Planet Soil’s outer surface and Protective field’s inner structure, air helps by joining along with the 5 Grand fundamental elements of Nature function’s support . Adding to it, for the Static Nature of Life that exists on the upper soil surface of the Planet, for the Static – Non Static Nature of Life existence,  for the Planet’s outer – inner gravity, air helps by joining along with the 5 Grand Fundamental elements of Nature function’s support.

Planets Inner Structure Rotational Nature:
For the Static – Non Static Nature of Life that exists in the Planet’s inner structure (inner surface of the Soil), air helps by joining along with the 5 Grand Fundamental elements of Nature energies’s support.

For Planets’s Inner – Outer Gravity air helps along with the 5 Grand Fundamental elements of Nature energies’s support.

For Planet’s  Core axis (inner core) operation air helps along with the 5 Grand Fundamental elements of Nature energies’s support.

Air Rotational Nature

Come let us get to know (learn) more.

Thank you.

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