As a result of cutting down Mountains, there will be afflictions on Life’s livelihood structures. Do we know this?

Every single planet in this Universe we live in, “is made of soil is required to be understood first”. The planetary structure that is made by such a soil structure is also existing in a rock (the tightening soil shape) shape. In such a way Soil is in Soil, Sand, rock….. and many such structures.

On the Rock that is made of solidified soil: “Creating softened gaps through the help of Plant lives, so that the planetary core takes the heat, light, air and water into the soil’s inner surface”. As a result of this, water sources are increasing on Earth. On a mountain, “through the plant lives growth there is rain, breeze, air, flourishing environmental protection, the heat gravity’s affliction becoming lessened and many such goodness filled and wealth giving happenings which results in natural wealth becoming naturally filled in Nature completely”. If the mountains are to be continuously cut down on the Earth, “then there is the possibility of mineral resources that are created under the Soil surface to be reduced. Adding on to it, the flourishment-related happenings on the Natural structure will become dried out”. Rain, cloud, the breeze will become reduced. The Sun’s heat gravity will afflict the soil’s upper surface and the soil’s inner surface as electromagnetic waves. As a result of this, the water sources on Earth will be afflicted enormously. Adding onto it, “the creation of many conflicts on the Earth’s environmental safety” and then continuing to, “not only have many health disorders but there will be the eventuality in the fundamental structures of the Life’s livelihood facing many excruciations”. Adding onto this, the Earth’s heat affliction will be extreme in its own way. “The flourishing livelihood of plant lives on the Mountains is by itself is the excellent fundamental-source-structure for the life’s livelihood”. We know of this.

Beyond all of this, In the unnecessary heat-cold corrective happening that gets created on the Earth’s inner surface: “in it, the creation of many conflicts will result in many regression on the Life’s livelihood connections”.

“The Plant lives’ flourishment protection by itself becomes the fundamental source and the necessity for the 5 Grand elemental unification to happen on Earth”.

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