Research Nature Connection (Discussion)

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In this Universe we live in, only living a life of properness, completeness, natural natured life is the one that makes our (Human) life complete. It is required to know that the life that has been made complete in such a way is called Research nature.

Research Nature Connection:
Human for acquiring every single element required in their Life, in a spacious method, in a type in which every world people can utilize it, in a fulfilled way. The one which happens to be a huge help is Research Nature Connection method.

Research Nature growth are of two types:
1. Growth Operation
2. Operational Growth
Only in such two type happenings is the Livelihood formed to be.

Human is one who continues to live in the tri joint formation of the Body – Mind – Life.

  • Food for the Body (Health)
  • Research for the Mind (Life Nature connection)
  • Strength for the Life
    and so by joining with Nature connections and with the help of the Rational intellect (sixth sense), it is (Research) the knowing of the methods of living in the Universe.

In the Human body ‘for growth operation, Food and for operational growth of Mind, the thoughts’ become necessary.

For Human Life, the Research nature is very very necessary. Reason being, in this World, every single thing that is existing naturally has many sections within it, is what we know.

In Natural Structure:
* Five Grand Elements
* Plant Lives
* Living beings, and so with three major connective formations it has formed to be for Human Life nature.

In the Natural structure, with the Living beings, Plant lives that live in support with Five Grand Elements, getting to know the methods for Humans to live as Humans is the Research Nature connection method.

For humans to continue living, Food has formed to be necessary. For it, knowing how the Plants and Living beings are being a reason, is necessary. In it, it has formed to be in four food classifications such as Food, Medicine, Poison, Mixture.

When Human discuss and consult with other human beings the knowing, the needed for their life, the one that got created out of these methods is what we call Research Nature, Knowledge Nature, Inventive Nature knowing the Nature of Nature, Creating of Artificial Nature….. and so on, it is being described.

The Universe in it’s entirety has formed to be, in the methods in which it functions by mixing with one another. Humans as well, whatever is known by them, whatever is being learnt – the truth in it’s connections being understood by discussion becomes necessary.

Come let us get to know more.

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