Connection in Thoughts

Greetings Everyone,

Human to live in their Live body operational connection, the Thoughts by themselves are existing to be primary.

The Place of stay for thoughts is the formation called Mind.

If there is clarity in thoughts, the activities that are done will have clarity.

Clarities is livelihood’s primary root.

Mind is existing to be a relational bridge between Body and Life.

Mind is existing to be a connection in-between itself and the Universe in which it lives in.

Mind in itself is existing to be a tent of thoughts.

Thoughts are existing to be a type in which, it functions in three type connections such as Truth, Lie, Imagination. Knowing these three becomes most necessary in getting to know. Only if the Nature of these three and it’s outcomes are known, the ups and downs in the Life connections can be known.

Lets get to know, what is required to be known. Lets live blissfully.

Come, Let’s get to know more.

Thank you,


Come, Let’s get to know what is required to be known in continuity.

Thank you,


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