Research Freedom

Greetings Everyone,

This Universe we live in, has many natural structures in it.
In the Universe within it,
Five Grand Fundamental Elements of Nature
Heat – Cold
Light – Dark
Planets – Supportive Planets
Stars, all of them and,
in it,
Rain – Snow
Living Beings
Human Beings, all of them and many such structures are formed naturally.

We know that, only in the Earth we live alone formations of Natural structures and Life structures. Human beings also learnt their natural life learning methods here (Earth) itself. To learn the needs of Human Life, The method that formed within ourselves, to learn the needs of Human life is knowledge.

Knowledge is the assembly of learning. That Knowledge is of two types.
1. One that was Learnt.
2. One that has attained clarity in the Learnt.

The one that was Learnt is Practical Experience.

The one that has attained clarity in the learnt is Education.

For the wide spread need of livelihood, the one that came to be formed is Research methods.

The one that was learnt is Practical Experience, The one that attained clarity in the learnt, that which is the Education is too a Research Method.

Experience + Education = Research

The Research Method can be:
* Nature of Education
* Nature of Experience
* Nature of Knowledge (Science)
* Nature of Research

To Know it in freedom, it is essential to conduct Researches.

Freedom in Researches:
Keeping Humanity in focus, researches should be created.

It is required for Researches having Human livelihood as its focus, to be created in clarity, in freedom and keeping World benefit as it’s center source, with making it a Law. This should be understood by every single Researcher completely.

Come lets get to know more.

Kind Regards, Thank you.

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