Research Connection in Life

Greetings Everyone,

In this Universe we live in, every single living being’s life is of great significance can be known. In it, Human Life alone is of great significance among all living being’s great significances. Getting to know this every single Human being’s responsibility.

As knowledge was searched. That is, the search of getting to know.

Reason for getting to know:
Yourself (Early human being – Man, Woman) did not know any life connections.

But there was a necessity to know.
Necessity for life,
*For sure to fulfill the needs for living life,
*In life, To interact
*To share in the Evolutionary Growth ……
and so to become joint with the nature, is it necessary?!
or is it Mandatory?!
and so, till now it is an unknown answer in the life connections, do we know of this!
Where life started.
Why so many Transactions,
For what are these many evolutionary growth methods,
In it how so many are required to be known,
how so many seeking,
how so many learning methods,
how so many confusions,
how so many researches,
how so many clarity,
how so many yearnings,
how so many experiences,
how so many births,
how so many growths,
how so many endings,
how so many sharings ….. and so how many needed
*Needed becoming Needed.
*Needed becoming Not Needed.
*Not Needed becoming Not Needed.
*Not Needed becoming Needed.  In these, why is everything happening in this way. When making the attempts on researching the reason for this, ‘Universe Creator’ is the fundamental source for this and, also The Universe ‘by itself (Naturally) came into existence’, the nature itself becomes the reason for the appearances, every happenings. And so there are this two type information.

The two type connections described above, have the necessity being created, to be known in detail.

To know the necessity of this, if we attempt at understanding in clarity, the Nature in the Universe from the beginning time of ours (early human being), Life Nature, Universe Creator and also the Knowledge, Wisdom and also the inner self, outer self. Then everything will come into understanding.

Human’s beginning Time:
From the beginning times of Human Life, only with the connection called Habit, most number of happenings are continuing to exist in current practices (practicality).

Come Let us get to know (learn) more.

Kind Regards, Thank you.

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