Moon Soil

From the planets In this Solar family in which we live: Starting from past until now, Moon happens to be formed as a support planet to our Earth and being a fundamental source structure of Livelihood to the Earth, we all know of this. In the Human intellect’s ultimate research methods, that which is being the first (position one) research and “the research that wanted to create human livelihood“, is existing to be the Moon.

In the human intellect, through the scientific method, that which became a very big effort’s outcome is when we stepped on the Moon’s surface.

Moon Soil’s Nature

(from the source article the following segment is split and titled into 3 paragraphs for easier reading and clarity)

Current State of Existence on the Moon:
In the efforts of creating life’s livelihood on the Moon, there are many blockers in existence. That is, the Gravity on the Moon is conflicting in nature, there is danger of Meteors falling on it, it exists to have conflicts in the day-night time period.

Soil’s Natural existence:
Adding onto it, the heat that bakes the Moon’s Soil and the Cold structure in which it freezes the Moon’s Soil, it is impossible to create Life’s livelihood. Adding onto it, the situation of not knowing the existential nature of water at all and the situational state of the Life structures being not able to live in any parts of the Moon Soil (Surface). Not only that, the Moon Soil’s structure is breaking away from the nature of integrity, as a result of it: The soil, In the state of being filled with wastes and dusts results in the Soil’s nature is releasing itself from the state of being lively (life-full). Do we know of this!. That is, only if a planet’s soil structure functions in a “Five Grand Elemental Nature’s Operational structure – Rotational method”, will the soil structure exist to be in the state of liveliness (life-full). This can be known.

Soil’s state and the possibility:
As the Heat & Cold is existing to be in a conflicting nature with the Nature’s structural method on the Moon, the Soil formation existing over there is existing to be in separation from the unified effort of Soil’s integration. So, it is separating itself from the soil’s structure of functioning in the tri-unified effort (Soil – Sand – Soil Particle). Adding on from here, the Soil structure through the sticking nature that will make gaps in the Lively nature and function in it and operate it, as it exists to be in favor of the “Live Life’s livelihood growth function structure” as also a rotational function as well.


As the Moon soil structure is being broken off from the Soil’s unified nature, it is also moving away from the nature of functioning together with the Nature’s functional structure. Hence the Moon’s soil formation is not in favor of supporting the live life’s livelihood, is required to be known.

Let us correct the Moon’s soil structure methods in Nature operation corrective methods. Let us take all the effort required in creating livelihood on the Moon. Let us create Human livelihood on the Moon.

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Livin Senan

The purple bold section addressed a more wider wisdom-based perspective of how the Moon and it’s connection with Human livelihood on the whole is existing to be as a source connection that induces Researches on Human livelihood. For a easy relation we can consider how just looking at the Moon and the Moon’s light in a breezy evening serves as a cooling system to both our Mind and Body, which in turn induces the inner thought of finding best way to establish balance between Heat and Cold cycles in life and body functions. Like brining regulation and routine in life.… Read more »

Livin Senan

The Teal colored sections of the Article states the Natural structures in the Moon, let me explain,

Nature of Integrity: Which means how Soil has this integrity of Soil + Sand + Soil Particles in it. So that it can function in a joint state with the nature.

Lively Nature: Lively nature is a state where the entire planet’s nature has a connective functional state with each other in support of Life.

We can explore more. Looking forward to your comments.