Planetary Gravity

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This Universe we live in, is made of Five Grand Fundamental Elements is what we know.
In the Five Grand Fundamental Elements “Soil has formed to be the Planetary shape”. For the planets that have Soil as its center, the other four formations (Space, Heat, Air, Water) of the Five Grand Fundamental Elements exists as a joint structure.
Hence, knowing the Soil’s gravity is considered as priority when describing Planetary Gravity. That is, when describing Soil Gravity it is knowing the Gravity above the soil surface, below the soil surface and so surrounding the soil surface.

Planetary Gravity 7 Divisions:
1. Planetary Gravity
2. Planetary Core axis Gravity – 2 types
3. Planetary Rotational Nature – 2 types
4. Magnetic Gravity
5. Five Grand Fundamental Elements Outer (Planet) Gravity
6. Five Grand Fundamental Elements Inner (Planet) Gravity
7. Protective Field Gravity (Inner – Outer)

And so In Planetary Gravity, it comprises within seven important divisions.

Let us know the seven, let us understand the planetary gravity in a simplified way.

Come, let us get to know more.

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