Outcome of Planetary Gravity

The outcome of Gravity is seen in the experiential realization. That is: the greatness of the bright sun only becomes conceivable in the shade and it comes into understanding and knowing. So, in the existence, the Gravity nature is such that: the Heat gravity, Cold gravity, Air gravity, Soil gravity, space gravity and so such gravity being gravitated towards the nature of the space rotational nature to function and operate. In it, the heat gravity’s nature is joining with the cold gravity’s (shade) strength and similarly cold gravity’s nature is joining with heat gravity’s strength. This is coming into understanding. In the natural structure that is constructed by the 5 Grand elements: The gravity by itself is being an operational gravity and functioning gravity as a Natural nature livelihood structure in the Universe by being as a strength in strength with Life strength.

As an innumerable formation of planets, as a nature that holds innumerable characteristics: In the Gravity’s strength, along with the Universe’s rotational (whirling) nature as a 5 Grand elemental structure, it is rotating (whirling). “Gravity is that which exists as the strength which unifies together as a 5 Grand element in 5 Grand elemental strength to be as a livelihood life nature method with Life’s strength and as a Universe in a Universe. It is existing to be in the Space structure“. Adding onto it: The person who learns about gravity can come to know scientifically that learning the method of living on any planet in this Universe becomes easy.

The outcome of knowing Gravity by itself becomes the formula of getting to know the Universe.

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Gravity is existing to be as a gap in 5 Grand element’s gaps and as a strength that operates & functions.

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