Entire Night: It’s Extremely Dark & Cold on the Moon – Do we know the Reason?

For the extreme darkness and cold on the Moon through the entire night: The functional structures of the 5 Grand Elements becomes the reason. That is, on a planet: The functions of the 5 Grand Elements should function as a happening that functions in joint with the Nature. If the functions of the 5 Grand elements existed to not operate in joint with the Nature then in a natural state: “that Planet’s operation will operate in a differed state from the functioning nature that functions as an operation in joint with other Planet’s operation.” That is how, it will exist to be.

Adding onto it, the Planet’s core axis will not be in a natural and easy way of functioning. Instead it will be in a way of functioning in a tightened state. Such will be its planetary structure. The only fundamental reason for such an existence is that: In the planetary nature structure, the heat and air is not functioning as an operation that functions in joint with the Water source formation. Instead, each and every 5 Grand element’s functional way of functioning as an individual or separate becomes the reason.

In a planet: If the happening of the water source being utilized exist to be non existential, then in that planet heat affliction will be very high. As a result of this the Planetary core spin required for the Planetary rotation is not being in the required (liquid) loosened state. Instead it is being in a solid state. As a result of this the planet’s rotational operation existing to be in the state of extreme slowness (rotational time period) is coming into creation, Whenever there is conflict that comes into creation on the Planetary rotational method then there is also the creation of conflict in the 5 Grand elemental Structure’s operation. To explain further: Whenever the water in the 5 Grand elemental (Soil, Heat, Water – Cold, Space, Air) structure is not being in participation on the Natural structure directly then the situation of the Cold Gravity’s operation, beginning to participate there directly, comes into creation.

To learn from such an exuberant happenings: It becomes required to learn about the Planet’s structural ways and the planetary rotational operation methods.

In terms of the Moon, the cyclic Heat rotation gravity by itself becomes the source. It is required to correct the nature of the Heat rotation gravity. It become necessary to utilize the water source nature to correct the Cold gravity’s nature that corrects the nature of Cold Gravity which corrects the Heat rotation gravity’s nature”.

If the Pitch dark and extreme cold that prevails throughout the entire night on the Moon is corrected through the utilization of the water source’s function, then it is possible to create life’s livelihood on the Moon similar to it’s existence on Earth. This can be known.

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