On the Moon, is there possibility to correct Gravity?

In this Universe we live in, there are innumerable planetary formations. It is possible for humans to live in all of the planets in the Universe. If human beings are to live in any one of these planets, then it will be that: “only if the 5 Grand elemental structure‘s function prevail in a unified way on the Operational Nature structure that is in joint with the Nature, then will there be a possibility to live on the livelihood formation”(^example explaining the perspective). If there is a planetary existence available in a ready state for living with such a livelihood nature, then there is the need for the Gravity to exist in a favorable nature for the life’s livelihood. The nature of the Planetary gravity by itself becomes the fundamental for the functions of the Planetary rotational nature. Adding onto it, it happens to become conducive for the Day – Night rotational time period nature.

Only based on the Planetary Gravity’s nature can the methods of operating the functions of the 5 Grand elemental structure can be learnt. In a planet where the water source structures in the “5 Grand elemental nature structure” exists to be in a state of not being utilized. If that is the case, then in that Gravity’s nature will not form to be in favor of the Life’s livelihood. Similarly on the Moon in the existential state of Water source not being utilized: The Heat affliction will affect the Soil’s core formation in an extreme way in the form of electromagnetic waves.

That is: The Soil’s core elements will break and the very small particles in the Soil will break away into more and more smaller particles and will then decrease the available gaps in the Soil. As a result of this, the Gravitational nature that functions through the functions in these gaps will become reduced. Only this happening becomes the reason for the Moon Gravity’s nature to be conflicted. Hence, it is required to know that: Only if the methods or opportunities required for the Moon’s Natural Structure to function properly: is utilized in the right way. Can the Moon Gravity nature be corrected.

Adding onto it, “Let us create all the situational existence belonging to the proper functioning of the Natural structure methods and use it as well. If said in brief, if the requirements are utilized, the requirements will be useful. Let us benefit in all Requirements.”

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