Only through the Plant life’s gravity, the life’s livelihood on the planetary rotational nature will form. Do we know this?

Only through a planet’s gravity, will there be planetary rotational nature and the 5 Grand elemental method of unification will happen on the Natural structure of that planet can be known with clarity. It can as well be understood methodically. The reason for it is that: “Only the Plant lives that live and grow on the soil’s (Planet’s) upper surface becomes the reason for the gaps to be created on the soil”. At the same time, taking the heat, water, air from the Soil’s (Planet’s) upper surface to the inner part of the soil (planet) through the inward gravity that exists inside the soil and through the outward gravity bringing the heat, water and air to the Soil’s upper surface. Such is it’s natural functioning strength of an operational existence.

Hence for the Plants to grow and live on the Soil’s upper surface: “That which exists to be a supportive strength, is only the Gravity ‘that is created’ and ‘being created’ in the Plant’s 5 Grand elemental structure“, For example, To create life’s livelihood and to correct elements such as the Gravity on planets such as the Moon, in the water utilization: “If only plant’s livelihood and growth nature is created, it will become possible. This is required to be known with clarity”. If that which is required to be known is being known and performed scientifically then the activity that is done will exist to become the best. Let us get to know this blissfully.

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