Due to Space Gravity affliction, the conflicts in the Operation of the Planetary rotation growth

When there is affliction that is created on the Space gravity of the Planetary rotational operation, if it comes to be that, there is conflicts in Planetary rotation growth operation: “In the 5 Grand elemental connective joint operations that exists to be source for that planet to function will have it’s natural structure (Rain, Sunny heat dryness, Snow, Cold nature, breeze) that happens through periodic interval, changed in many ways”.

In such a way if an altered conflict like this, gets created on the Natural structure: “The livelihood of the life formations that are living on that planet will be afflicted extremely”. To know the way of correcting the destruction that is created by such degenerations is a very hard effort to know. To know the occurrence and the time of occurrence in the Universe of such happenings will exist to be a happening that cannot be determined. This can be learnt. At the same time such happenings can be corrected based on the fundamentals that “prevention is better than cure”. The answer to the how following the statement will be: “The protection from the creation of conflicts in the structure where the Plant’s livelihood and living beings livelihood joins together to function on the Planetary structure having life’s livelihood. This will be the only solution to this.”

The conflicts on the Operation of the Planetary rotation growth by the afflictions on the Space gravity: “That which exists to be a reason for this is that: even when the water source function’s need being utilized becomes reduced, the water source saving methods that are conducive to the heat afflictions continuing to exist in a state of not being regularized as well exists to be a cause for such trouble creations”.

The proper livelihood by itself is the method of living in joint with Natural structure. Let us live by learning this. Let’s live blissfully. For the living generations, let us live and show the way forward.

Thank you.


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