Do we know that: “The Plant Gravity is the ‘only source gravity’ for the Life’s livelihood?!”

The natural structure through out the Universe: “The intricacy and secret for it is the ‘Plant life’ alone. Do we know this?!”

In this Universe we live in: “Many billion starts containing structures are whirling (rotating) through their own orbital path under the Space gravity in the 5 Grand elemental connective rotation.”.  For such a whirling rotational formation, the planet’s core as well exists to be functional in the joint operational structure of 5 Grand elements. Within the Universe protective field and within the Protective structure: “It is functioning in the Gravity’s gravitational strength structure”.

Adding onto this: “In any planet, if the life’s livelihood is required to come into creation, then the Natural structure’s fundamentals should exists similar to that of the existence on Earth”. If it is required to exist in such a way then there should be the existence of Plant lives. The reason being: “The Day-Night, measure of Time period, Heat-Cold correction, rain, breathable natured air and such things which are the planetary rotational nature’s Operational structure to be existent in a natural way. The opportunities favorable to the plant life’s growth and living are required to form”. If not then opportunities are required to be created. Hence, we know that, only with the basis of Plant lives growth will the proper gravity and life’s livelihood will come into creation.

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