NASA Gateway – An airway to the Moon

For NASA’s research work, another milestone – Air exchange
Moon to Earth
Earth to Moon

Through gateway there will be air exchanges on the Moon. As there is frequent to and fro travel between the outer atmosphere of the Moon to the Soil structure on the Moon: The air from the outer rotational atmosphere of the Moon will become possible to be taken into the Moon’s inner structure. Through this, on the Lunar surface it becomes a possibility to bring air through a “in-out” operation as a continuous happening. Adding onto it: “It becomes possible to reduce extreme heat energy that prevails on the Lunar surface by bringing it out onto the outer rotational structure of the Moon”. There will also be opportunity for conducting researches on the upper surface of the Moon which will come into creation with ease.

The answer to the How? that follows: It is not possible to walk bear footed on the Moon and conduct Researches. Reason being, the Solar heat at daytime is afflicting the Moon as electromagnetic waves. That is, the heat is prevailing to the extent of the Moon’s soil being charred. As a result of this, the Researches are being in the state of not knowing the existential state of Water and not knowing the availability of wet nature on the Moon.

On the Moon: For the Human’s Life natured air to be mixed with Moon’s air. The Gateway program will rightfully become the right and great way for it.

For many million years, the Human beings that continue breathing the breathable air of the Earth will have this wonderful and elevated opportunity of living in the state of getting comfortable with the breathing of Moon’s breathable air for the very first time.

Not only that, but it will also be possible to conduct researches by going the distance into the inner surface of the Moon’s soil. Adding onto it, the opportunity of conducting researches by going close with the Soil on the Moon’s inner structure will be happen with ease.

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