Moon’s Connection

Greetings Everyone,

This Earth we live in, has two happenings such as Day – Night within it. Day belongs to Heat and – Light. Night belongs to Darkness, lesser heat or comforting cold.

For human beings to practice living in the beginning times there where many crisis (Food, Shelter (place of stay), safety…..). In it, the most important and necessary one was the method of living in the Day – Night period. On the day time it was about knowing the methods belonging to living in high heat and living with protection from heat. Life in the Night formed to be even a big challenge to the Human Society.

Life in Moon Light:
* Knowing the human that is being alongside
* Knowing the living beings that are alongside
* Knowing the living beings in the surrounding
* Knowing the situation in the surrounding
* Moving from one place to another
* In situations such as Natural Disasters, moving to a safer place….
For many such happenings for which Light in the Night was in need. In this stage is when, the Moon Light in the Night for Human beings became very much necessary.
For humans of the beginning time, the way of learning to live in the night, for it, the Moon light by itself became the lesson of showing the way of Life. That is, from the next day of New moon till Full Moon (Waxing Moon) and from the day of Full Moon till the day before New Moon (Waning Moon), in such a way it came to be a Bright Light Life lesson. In this happening only one day happens to exist as a complete dark night (New Moon day) of the Natural Structure. But in this happening (In the Night), the human society’s knowledge growth that liked living with complete light became the creation of artificial light brightness.

Life on the Moon:
From the starting period of Human, the Moon Light’s brightness and Comforting Cold has given Light and Direction to human eye. For human mind it gave livelihood confidence. For the vastness of human knowledge it gave an address. For the human knowledge to join with the magnificence of Nature this address by itself became the reason.

The tremendous growth of the knowledge this being joined with the Nature became the knowing of the Moon’s rotational period. The landing of human leg on the Moon. The knowing of the Moon’s planetary Gravity. The bringing of Moon’s soil to the Earth. Conducting researches through satellite on the Moon, and so it continues. Not only stopping with it, through us correcting the Moon’s Natural structure, then bringing the Universe Microbes to the upper soil surface and making it live, then making the Moon’s Rotational Operations to spin in a favorable method for the life’s livelihood, then the researches that can make the Microbes, Plant Lives, Living beings, Human beings from the Earth to live on the Moon, to be published as Knowledge’s second part, until this the Moon’s connection is continuing. We know of this.

Come Let us get to know (learn) more.

Kind Regards, Thank you.

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