How will there be Freedom? in the present World!

In this World we live in, the present challenges and sorrow are indeed existing to be one, which has never been heard of and that which is inconceivable even in a dream or imagination. Adding onto it, the solution to be released from this situation where is an alternate place (safe place) to stay, sleep, live and do business. There isn’t even space for this. So, to be released from this currently existing stressful state and How to create a natural livelihood and live by being released from this? as well is existing to be a continuous question until now.

There is only one solution to this. Every single human being should think in completeness about their self and their self state.

That is: We know that, in this world we live in, there are living beings, plant lives, and human beings that are continuing to live. In it, for every type of living organism, for them to live there is natural intellect in existence, naturally in the natural structure is also what we know. We as well know, that among them, human beings alone have Rational intellect (6th sense) in the methods of knowing things, which exists to be the spinal cord having an erect form.

That which is being given as solution here is: In the bodily exercises we do for ourselves in terms of health. The bending of the spine to the front, to the back, and to the sides should be done properly. This is very important and necessary. When performing such an activity, the natural state of life body functional formation method taking the necessary breathable air into itself involuntarily will start happening. Through this, the required amount of Oxygen, Pranan (life breath) and such gases will be received in the operational state. As a result of this, the heat wastes in our body will excrete in a proper way. Adding onto this, the digestive operation zones will function properly. So, every natural-natured structures required for the life body operations will function properly.

Hence, let every one of us human beings do the necessary body exercise methods, food methods, rest methods, medicine methods, environment protection methods and such methods required for their own life body functions and start living by organizing them completely. Let us start living the natural and blissful life methods. Let us show the way forward for the living generations by living the way forward.

“Hail the life society. Long live the human society.”

“If only humans practice living as humans, there will be a release for this happening. We can get to know this as the solution forward.”

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Livin Senan

Thank you very much dear Swami. For the much-needed article of the time. The existence of Pranan as a separate system is key to this simplified understanding of our body and it’s functions. Pranan is not so apparent as oxygen. Though it is expressed in the activities of the oxygen and it’s interaction with the body. The existence of Pranan can however be realized and felt in certain outcomes. The way our body silently sways as the pranan connects with the life within. As the pranan very naturally with ease connects with the life within. The Nature of this ease… Read more »