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If we say, we are trying to live on the Moon……. Will it be a new information!

are we are living on Earth through Moon !

How being,
In the beginning days of humans it existed as ‘Light Source’* in the night time. That happening continues even today.

*- (Humans, Animals, Plant Lives)

That by itself also becomes our ‘navigator’.

And, In time it is also becoming to exist as a “compass”.

And, In Day calendar it holds a very important position*. Through it Festivals, Eclipses, Natural changes……..  and many such happenings continues to exist in conjunctions with living structural methods.

*- (New Moon, Waning Moon, Full Moon, Waxing Moon)

To learn about the Stars, planets in our Universe it is also the first Navigator. Not only that but also it happens to be the Compass, Light Source, Navigator for conducting researches beyond a very long distance (planets) in space.


Only if we learn the natural structure (internal structure – External structure) of the Moon, and correcting it through the learning, it will be possible to create living condition on the Moon. This should be learnt necessarily.

Even in the days we began living on Earth or if it be in the current period of time, the way we try living on Earth by knowing its inner structure. Similarly on the Moon there wasn’t a try (need) that happened in living by learning the inner structure. But attempts are being made only to learn the existence of outer structural methods of the Earth.

In accordance to the Moon it becomes a necessity to research in detail the inner – outer structural methods.

Let’s learn the inner structure of the Moon:

Translation in progress…..


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