Heat | Water: Life strength is the source Gravity for all Gravities in the Universe, can be learnt!

Similar to the existential state of Heat and Water being operational strength to the life body, they are being ‘the life and body’ to the Universe’s function. Adding onto it, “It is also existing to be the source energy and fundamental structural strength to the Universe”.

In this Universe we are living in, “there are innumerable planets being in innumerable formational existence, with innumerable operational methods and with innumerable natural structure methods are continuing to function in existence. It is as well whirling (rotating)”. This Universe structure in which we live in, “is existing to be in a way of natural function in nature through a unified methodic existence of the 5 Grand elements”. Among the 5 Grand elements, the operations of Space, Heat, Air, Water are being in existence as an operation that functions as a separate existence and that which functions as a joint operation as well, along with the Universe Gravity’s operations. All of the 5 Grand elements, “similar to it’s functional existence of functioning in a nature of whirling (rotation): it is also functioning in a whirling nature in Gravity as well“.

It’s function, existing to be in such a way can be learnt in a simplified way in practical reality. Heat is gravitating water towards it, Water is gravitating heat towards it. Similarly air, soil, water, heat, space. Every such one of it, is in nature of gravitating each other and one within one. This existing to be nature in a natural state can be known. “In this Universe we live in, Places where brightness is filled, heat by itself gravitates everything.” similarly “In places where darkness is filled, ‘cold’ gravitates everything.”, Hence the most important thing to be observed here is that: “The fact that the Cold Gravity and Heat Gravity by themselves exist to be the source for every Gravities; Only when this is learnt in a scientific way: Can we understand all the secrets that exists in Gravity easily. This will come to be known”. Similar to the existence of Heat and Water as operational strength for the body of life, for the Universe function: “That which is in existence as Body and Life is the Heat and Water”. Adding onto it, it is also existing to be the source strength and fundamental structural strength.

Hence it is necessary to learn that which is being learnt in a knowledgeable, experiential and scientific way.


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