International Day of the Disappeared – 30th Aug

Until now the time period of the Universe coming into existence is not being known. In this Universe, the Life natured livelihood is existing in the Solar system. In the Solar system, the nine planets and support planets favorable to the rotational nature of the planets is in existence. Such being the state, there are descriptions of life nature (human beings, plant lives, animals, small and huge life nature structures) structures living on it, in the mythological scriptures. Adding on, “Not only in this Solar system but for the entirety of Universe itself the Natural structure of the Earth in which we continue to live is being a prototype planet. This is being expressed in the Human society continuously.”. In it, the efforts that came into creation: “in the process of making the livelihood, in getting to know and understanding the Universe structure methods and joining with it in living”. The most important and greatest of the efforts that came into creation is the Scientific structural method. For us to describe it in such a way, the reason is that, “it is being the source formation for conducting researches on other planets and also being a source formation for the efforts in creating livelihood on it”. In the existence of such a situational state, that which exists to be today’s important day is: “the existence of the happening which also stays suitable to human beings similar to things going missing”.

While momentarily exploring in detail, the happening similar to the act of being lost in going or in travel of the wrong path, similar to the description of the thought being disturbed: “people being lost in soil, water, fire during Natural disaster can also be described in the same way”, On top of all of these happenings, the happening of people going lost is existing to be on the top. We know of this.

That is, we can also describe the happening of life separating itself from the Live body operational formation. In the existence of the life subject of humans not living after death, there is the notion of life that human beings live after death. So, this happening is continuing on with the people that become a guide in showing the way of living a great life by living with and living for the human society. If human beings would want to live among human beings while they live, then every single human being should learn about human’s special intellect called the rational intellect (Tamil Language: Pagutharivu) and then it will be the living in joint with the nature by showing love towards the life nature structure. If this is to be described in short, “The people of heightened ambition that ‘have lived and are living’ a great life are being a path and light to the humans that are living and that are going to live in the human society”.

In not being so, continuing to be an indifferent person of indifference. They either die or while living, go missing. Hence, in today’s day let us fill our thoughts with the thoughts that show the way toward great living. Let us share the thoughts that are alive with the people that are living. Let us share it in the method of intellect, common sense and experience.

Let us learn the world’s own script (Thirukural) that “by sharing rational intellect with every kind of living being and protecting it, will be the highest of expressions in the expressions of all great people of intellect”. By learning this, let us live a great life blissfully and let us also live a life that is a guidance and showed the light forward. Come!

Let us also live as a livelihood support in life.

Thank you,


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