Magnetic Gravity on the Moon

In this Universe, we live, in the existential happening of having within itself many billions of planets, it is functioning in joint with the nature as a method that functions naturally and as a nature’s cooperative organization. For the entirety of the Universe, we live in: “that which exists to be a prototype planet is the Earth in the Solar System”. Earth’s operation is rotating by keeping Sun as it’s central source. For the ‘operational structure’ that functions in joint with the rotational method: “The Moon is existing to be in existence as a support planet for Earth”. For the Earth and Moon functioning in a rotational method in the Solar system: “The Earth and the Moon with the help of the Sun’s core support and within the Sun’s protective field, in the natural structure, they are functioning within their own Magnetic gravities“. Every planets and support planets that are functioning in the Solar system are indeed functioning based on the Solar magnetic gravity. In the structure that functions in such a way, the Magnetic gravity is indeed dependent on the 5 Grand elemental structure that functions in joint with the planets.

In it, the Earth’s structure where we are continuing to live, the 5 Grand elemental function’s exchanges has formed in fulfilment around the entirety of the Earth. In such a similar nature’s structure, on the Moon, in the 5 Grand elemental exchange system, the Heat – Cold for the Moon’s rotational gravity is not being available in the required amount and is being in a conflicted nature. Only because of this, on the Moon’s operation, the Planetary Gravity and Magnetic Gravity is not being available on the Moon similar to how it exists on the Earth, through the factor of 5 Grand elemental function’s conflicts. Hence, it is required to bring the ‘Moon’s natural structure’ equal to that of Earth’s natural structure. Otherwise, favorable to the Earth’s rotational operation, the Moon’s rotational operation should be changed in existence through a scientific way. If Moon’s rotational operation is changed in existence to the Earth’s rotational operation unified existence, the Gravity will change similar to that of the Earth on the Moon and the Magnetic gravity will also be possible to be corrected can be bought into the knowing.

If that which is being known is to be known in a scientific way then in the Natural structure the elements can be changed in favor of livelihood. Such can the natural structure be corrected in a natural and softened way in the Universe. This can be learnt with clarity.

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