India’s Independence day

Greetings everyone,

On this Earth where we are living in: human life is going on while many billion years have passed since the human livelihood rose. Human beings in their starting period of time, to create their livelihood: “from nature they had to learn many experiences, had to put in many efforts and in that state for the livelihood to be elevated they had to learn many different researches from the nature”. That is, from the Land; from Water; from black stone; from Soil; from Air; From Space; from Heat; from Cold; From Daytime Sun’s heat; from Nighttime Moon’s soft heat and cooling light, “We learnt the Nature’s nature” and then for livelihood life: “from the Plant life; from living beings; from Soil; from Natural exchanges; from Life nature evolutionary exchanges; from Nature as well”, the attempt made in making the ‘Earth their livelihood’ with the help of the human’s special intellect called the ‘Rational intellect’ to create the human livelihood as an existence in the ‘artificial structure method’ with the help of nature, is only when in ‘the required and that which is not required’ through the livelihood learnings: “the competition and jealousy starting to show its prevalence became the time when the crack on the livelihood structure came to be”. As a result of this, the outcome of learning to rule through the method of learning to live on Earth, became the situation of loosing happiness and peace through the conflict between everyone, “created by the notion of the power class where the entirety of the Earth is for theirself and theirself only”.

At the same moment when the fulfillment of the expansive needs of the human livelihood needs which had attained pinnacle in Science was happening, is exactly when the living of the human livelihood in happiness and unity and to live and show the way forward came to be the Ahimsai livelihood. Ahimsai livelihood is the natural natured living in joint with nature in humanity through soulful dedication while the ‘5 sense operations’, mind, knowledge and intellect are being in equilibrium. While humans where subjecting their efforts in instilling themselves through the path of power, Ahimsai livelihood by itself is the independent livelihood at its best. India’s independence showed it in living.

If we are to understand Ahimsai life in a simplified way, “in a planet, if the 5 Grand elemental functions are exchanged in required amount, then the planet’s structure and the life nature livelihood that lives on the Planetary structure will attain flourishment. Every life nature structures will live in comfort”. Similarly, if the 5 Sense’s operations become complete and becomes fulfilled to the required amount then the comfortable living on Earth and flourishing life will happen complete fulfillment.

On this day of August 15th, the Indian Independence day. It gives me great pleasure in wishing you all a happy independence day.

Thank you,


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