Do we know the connections between the Planetary core and Planetary rotational nature?

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This Universe we live in, is being structured in Nature as a 5 Grand elemental structure that is joint. The entirety of the Universe is whirling in the Space gravity’s strength in a rotational nature. The Five of the 5 Grand elements with the help of air is being one on the other and one within the other as a rotational operation in every single planets and being as a rotational operation from the planetary core, joint with the Universe in the 5 Grand elemental gravity to be rotational in existence.

The Universe Planetary rotational nature is that which forms to be a support for the Planet from it’s core to the 5 elements such as the heat-light, cold (water), air, soil, gaps to whirl along with the core in a joint nature under the Universe structure. For the planet to rotate as a required liquid formation in the Core the heat ( Heat + Water) and cold is being of use.

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