Humanity on the Moon

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When First attempts where made to get an object into flight. The efforts where focused around the nature of Gravity and the energy, effort & material required to get the object into flight. Once stability was achieved to get a flying object into flight and getting it out of flight with safety. We achieved our first flight. Now new array of problems where faced, wind, turbulence, rain, storm etc. Flying did not stop. Exploration did not stop.

The New array of problems required a new format of science. Now the understanding of Gravity or the understanding of the fuel required to put an object into flight became less useful in facing these problems. Now understanding of aerodynamics, the nature of how wind behaved can into intense research.

Only by accepting the nature, in the way it behaved and working along with it, we overcame our problems of keeping the flying object in flight. Now, science worked hours and years together to overcome such minute blockers. But that is what makes science such a phenomenal subject of elevating human life to new heights.

Now here, we need to pay a very keen attention to a factor here. The breakthroughs are achieved by working alongside these natural blockers. Not by despising it in any way. So if we are wishing to live on another planetary structure, The Moon. It is not a simple task.

Though in plain sight it looks like the soil is under our feet and the sky is seen, when we look up. The nature of the planet is far away from this, Gravity is weak to the extent that, a grown human cannot walk steadily without greatest attention to his/her walk, the day is so long that it takes 14 days for the sun rise to set and another 14 days for the sun to raise again. In such extremities, science is making it’s humble and genuine efforts of putting life on the Moon.

Now for this task, science will require to work along side the nature that is on the Moon, but very importantly not attempting this task remotely only with the science advancements achieved on the Natural structures of the Earth (which has never been the way science has worked in the past).

Our research work at explores this inbetween and present it in a scientific explanations and publications.

Our recent works can be explored in the links below, share your thoughts and questions in the comments.

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