Nature, Intellect & Living on the Moon

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I was just reading through the research article called “In Livelihood Learning – The Earth & The Moon (Tamil Source)” in the moon research topic. There were a few thought-provoking experiences & perspectives that I had while reading through the article.

As the article starts off, the clear need of operating the Natural structure to live on the moon is expressed. Yes, it is necessary, given the natural Conditions of the Moon which is obvious. For instance the 14 earth day period of Daylight and the 14 earth day period of complete darkness through the night.

This simple perspective of operating the nature is exciting and simplified to explore. Let’s say if we are to make the soil usable and friendly for our plant life from earth: By watering the soil with the water source we get on the planet. But, without the understanding of how it connects with the entirety of nature and the planet’s functions. The efforts of creating living conditions on the moon can never be put forth with clarity and Conviction. Hence, I found this simple perspective of operating the nature struck me as a deep and meaningful perspective that also serves as a source of vast knowledge exploration.

Let’s see how?

Yes, a source of vast knowledge. How?: Earth is our first reference for it. We will need to bring every aspect of life and knowledge into clear scientific understanding. This can be seen enabled in the article through series of simple questions like, how we take reference and inspiration from Animal’s way of living. Which can be explored on your own (reading the source article), for your own perspective and take on it.

However, while reading through this segment of the article, something that provoked my thought is this statement: “This whole existence (human society) is brought about through its own creation“. This can be approached in two ways of knowledge exploration. Both are indeed fruitful. One being the Existential nature of our life and its course in itself, while the other is more interesting where: we ourselves mindfully put aspects of systems in place to drive us towards where we are from our deep understanding of ourselves and the nature around us. For instance: The education system and it’s importance in the current society and it’s evolution.

As we never truly believed that it’s a preaching system, but as an evolving system that benefits the future of society and humanity.

The point of the above exploration is to show, how powerful this simple perspective/statement is, in terms of exploring nature’s existence.

In plain sight, it is easy to assume that this exploration has no novelty to it. As the purpose and use looks far fetched. It’s natural to assume that. Let say we start assuming that, everything of what we are today is an outcome of our own efforts and knowledge alone. If that was entirely true, then if and only the trees that we see today, took away a critical resource from us to give out its benefit. Something like each tree is going to remove 500 grams of soil away from Earth for its growth. Similar to the system that are created by us. Something like building a car taking resources from Nature. It would have been far more difficult. Hence viewing nature needs a different eye and a perspective. Which such exercises and researches help in exploring.

As this knowledge is not only going to help our life here on Earth but exist as a fundamental to creating livelihood on the Moon.

Yes! the Article is a Source of Vast Knowledge…

The research article very well clearly states in the beginning how Earth is being the fundamental point of reference for our understanding of Nature’s deep structure by stating the point that, “we are practicing by living on Earth”

Which again is yet another great thought-provoking and simple perspective. In this reference, the intellect that is gathered through this knowledge is said to have two aspects to it. One is the Natural intellect and the other being the Artificial intellect. The Artificial intellect is the one that creates aspects of life from Nature’s references that enhances human life’s existence. The Natural intellect is one that sets the right perspective in creating a livelihood for ourselves with clarity through our understanding of Nature.

For instance: Artificial intellect created an opportunity for transportation through engineering and iterations of it. Which we now see as Cars and Flights. Natural intellect can be something like understanding the importance of Trees in life and ensuring their survival around us. However, this is a small speck of a vast perspective. Not the perspective itself.

More References for Exploration

Some really unique perspectives such as,
– Artificial Intellect is a continuity of Natural intellect
– Intellect as a whole comprises of both Artificial and Natural intellect

that are seen in the research article can be used to further develop our understanding of how nature is in existence.

By using this perspective, exploring the natural connect between the natural intellect and the artificial intellect. Exploring the existential nature of our intellect in itself, from the second perspective seen above.

For instance: If we could further explore what was the aspects of all the Natural connections that lead to the discovery of Gravity. That is:
– The need of the hour which got into practical use immediately.
– How one can feel an object’s weight and rigidity/integrity by holding it.
we could explore how the nature of ingenuity comes into existence.

All of this is already in exploration on our planet. This article just makes it easy to understand that: Creating living conditions on the Moon is not far off for humanity. It can become an eventuality if we come together!

Looking forward to sharing further such experiences with everyone of you.

Something More for us to discuss…

I was just about to close off publishing this article. I wanted to capture any key point that I would like to further share from the source article. So, I went back and read it, once again. I noticed how the article starts off by saying this wonderful statement.

“Creating what is already here is Earth”
“Creating what is already here and what is not already here and then correcting it is the Moon”

I would appreciate to hear back from you on: What you incur from this statement/perspective?

Please share your thoughts and comments on this article.

Wouldn’t we just love to see the Moon growing full everyday to its full brightness?


Thank you.

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