Human Connections: Moon

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Human Connections: Moon
“To Live and show is human Knowledge”

“Human Knowledge’s second stage outcome”

In this Universe we live in, for a very long period of time, we are continuing to live in a planetary formation called Earth. In the Planetary formation called the Earth, it has formed to be Light and Darkness in the formation of Day – Night. For the Living society (Humans, Living beings, Plant Lives) that continue to live on the Earth, the light of Sun in the Morning and the light of Moon in the night prevails to be the livelihood brightness, that which shows direction (guidance) and the source energy prevalence.

Planetary Rotation Event:

Planet’s Light Rotation Event:
Every single planets in the Solar family are revolving around with keeping Sun as its center. Every single planets that are formed around the Sun are revolving around in its orbital path at the same time rotating about itself, so have they formed to be. Every single Planets that are revolving around the Sun are rotating in different time periods and revolving in different distant measures, is what we all know very well.

Two type Planetary Rotational Event:
In the planetary formation that revolve around the Sun, there are two section of formations called Support Planets (Natural Satellite) and Planets. In it, Planets are massive natural structure. Support planets are planetary structures that revolve in connection with the orbital path of a planet. As it revolves in connection with the Planet’s orbital path, we are calling this planetary structure as support planet (natural satellite).

Moon (Planet) Rotational Event:
As Moon revolves in connection with the orbital path of the Earth, we are calling the Moon as Earth’s support planet.

As the Moon revolves around it’s orbital path, at the same moment it rotates around itself.

Moon: Specialty In Rotational Time Period
In the formations of Planets/Support Planets that revolve around the Sun, the Moon that revolves in connection with Earth also rotates about itself completely.

In the Human Knowledge’s magnificent formation, Moon is the very first Planetary (Support Planet) structure that was known beyond the Earth. For the current Science knowledge, it is a factor that has formed to be a challenge. At the same moment, In this vast space that has formed to be the Universe, it is the first event that is bringing out the magnificent Knowledge of the Human being.

The reason for it being a very huge challenge of knowing the Moon, is not knowing the Earth’s Natural structure in a very simplified way. Why being is that, in the Earth’s natural structure, the connections (Soil’s inner surface – upper surface) of the Five grand fundamental elements in Nature, not completely knowing the methods of it being in connection. Adding onto it, through the function that happen in the operations of the connections in the Five Grand Fundamental elements in nature, that which happens to be the Gravity. Not knowing it’s method is one reason.

Third being, the methods of Heat’s gravity being in connection with the functions of the Water’s (Liquid) functions, similar to it Moon’s connections are yet to be completely known by us,…… becomes a reason.

Moon’s Light Rotation Event:
The formation of both rotational events of the Moon being the same measure in the planetary formations that revolve around the sun is a unique specialty. That is, the time period of Moon revolving around it’s orbital path and the time period in which it rotates around itself (approximately 28 days) has formed to be the same value. Adding onto it, similar to the night time on earth, it being a guidance and being a source formation for Life’s Livelihood, on the Moon it has not formed to be so. It is important to know, if we can understand it completely.

Come, Let us get to know (learn) more.

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